Friday, May 08, 2009

The Secret vs. Christianity Pt 5: Word of God vs. Word of Byrne

On page 172 Byrne writes the following:

“If you are seeking an answer or guidance on something in your life, ask the question, believe you will receive, and then open this book randomly. At the exact place where the pages fall open will be the guidance and answer you are seeking.”

Does Christianity teach that we should consult Rhonda Byrne for guidance in our lives? Really? This is compatible with Christianity? I wonder… did Jesus ever defer to Rhonda Byrne?

I guess I might have overlooked Matthew 33:7 where Jesus says:

"Gee, y'know, that's a really tough question. I'm not sure about that one. Why don't you hang around for a couple of thousand years and see what Rhonda Byrne has to say about it in her fabulous book called 'The Secret', published by Beyond Words Publishing and available on for only $9.95"

I don't think this needs further explanation, do you?

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