Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The "Uncertain" Deepak Chopra

This is going to be a really fun post. Gotta set it up a little bit, though.

A few years ago Deepak Chopra appeared on Lee Strobel's TV program "Faith Under Fire" opposite Christian apologist Greg Koukl to talk about the "future of faith." I have the show in QuickTime format and just had the occasion to watch it again the other day. It's a very instructive exchange, as Deepak Chopra feigns open-mindedness and Koukl demonstrates a vastly superior grasp of reason and logic.

But one of the funniest exchanges is when Chopra claims to "embrace" his own uncertainty. Actually on several occasions through the interview he champions his willingness to embrace his uncertainty, and points out proudly that in his books he talks about the "wisdom of uncertainty" and then later mocks Koukl by saying "That's the difference between you and me… you're certain and I'm not." Well, Koukl is quick to point out that Chopra has authored quite a number of books, all of which summon the reader to accept Chopra's spiritual solutions and world view and that, well, it would be unusual for someone who is "uncertain" to feel motivated to write and publish such books. Chopra's intellectual dishonesty is laid bare and, well, it's quite funny to watch.

Well, I started thinking… "What would Chopra's books look like if he was as uncertain as he claims?" Then I thought it'd be really funny to take a handful of Chopra's titles and alter them to reflect an author who really isn't sure of anything in particular. And so, I did just that. What follows are five of Chopra's book covers, actual vs. "altered", to demonstrate that Chopra's "open-mindedness" is merely a facade. He wants you to believe his way precisely because he thinks he's right.


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