Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rush To Judgment

This morning I received an e-mail from someone with the subject "Stand Strong Against Rush Limbaugh." Of course, this caught my attention, since I'm a regular listener to Rush's show and have been since 1992. In the body of the message was the following:

Last week, Rush Limbaugh said that he "hopes" President Obama fails to meet America’s challenges.

Watch the video (here) and tell Rush what you think about his comments.

Since I am a long-time listener to the show, I'm familiar with past attempts by people in the media to discredit Rush Limbaugh, and this latest episode is no different.

As is usually the case with these endeavors, there is some context missing. The other day, while driving down to my aquatics class and listening to the program, I heard Rush using very similar language, all clearly in the context of the socialist agenda that Obama would like to implement, and I remember thinking something along the lines of "Boy… the detractors are gonna pull this one out of context and have a field day with it." Well, turns out that's just what's happened.

To an honest and objective person listening to the broad context of Rush's show that day, Rush's point was clear: To the extent that Obama wants to use socialism to solve Americas problems (as if socialism could) Rush wants him to fail. And frankly, so do I. In fact, it's not even a matter of me (or Rush) wanting it to fail. Socialism doesn't work. It will fail regardless of what anyone wants. None of that means that Rush and I want America to fail, nor does it mean that we want the Obama administration to fail in the broader sense. But America will fail if we continue to try to solve our problems with socialist policies and so it is in the interest of the preservation of this country that I (and Rush Limbaugh) would hope for the catastrophic failure of any attempt to implement socialism, under any administration. It's quite clear here that the Democrats are not being honest about what Rush said and why he said it.

In the final analysis, I think it' is President Obama who wants America to fail. Historically speaking, America has not been a socialist democracy… it has been a capitalist representative republic. Therefore, to whatever extent Obama wants to change America from capitalist to socialist, he wants the America which has been to be no longer. In other words, he wants it to fail.

At any rate, if we examine the larger context of what Rush was talking about, his intent becomes very clear and isn't well represented by the detractors. But if we take four words in isolation and ignore the context, we may be able to make people believe something about Rush Limbaugh which is not true. Is that right? Is that fair? Is that honest?

No, it's not.

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